Our Services


Because of our strategic location in California, we are accustomed to the specialty needs of our clients. In particular our clientele list consists of many exhibitors at conventions and trade exhibits. This means that we have the experience and expertise to handle fragile items, specialty items, and odd-sized items that other trucking services might not be equipped for. Our customer service representatives can assist you in the booking process with securing the equipment needed for your specialty items.


We understand that the modern client can have a variety of needs, including the need for dedicated space for freight. If you are a business owner who needs space to store their convention booths until the next convention, or even if you are just needing temporary space while moving between locations, ShipToMars offers both short-term and long-term freight storage.


In need of assistance with driving your truck? Do you have freight to haul but lack the time or resources to do it yourself? Don’t worry; the team at ShipToMars is here to serve you. Our hauling and trucking services are available locally and regionally up to 100 miles from our location in California.


Our primary focus continues to be servicing the convention and exhibition industries in California. Because of this we cater to the specific needs of the industry, especially storage, and expedited flatbed services. Our long list of testimonials can attest to our perfect success rate in accommodating even the most specific of needs for conventions.

That’s Exceptional Trucking.