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Freight Shipping

Our mission is to deliver value to our clients by creating an all-in-one Freight Shipping & transport solution that exceeds expectations.

Ship To Mars maintains its headquarters in California

Our close proximity to California exhibition halls has given us a competitive edge in meeting the time sensitive demands of our customers and their freight. By building our foundation at the very epicenter of a city that produces hundreds of trucking transactions daily, along with over 19,000+ events attracting more than 4.5 million delegates annually, we’ve established the expertise and credibility demanded by decision makers in this industry today.

We are proud to report a 99.9% on time delivery rate.
On Time Delivery 99%
Response Time 94%
Satisfaction Rate 96%

Ship To Mars is an innovative full-service freight and transport company with a primary focus on servicing the convention and exhibition industries of California.

Our main commodities of freight transport are convention, exhibition, trade and freight cargo. Our portfolio of transportation services includes; dedicated short-haul and local freight. We also offer expedited flatbed services. Additional client serviceability includes warehouse distribution and short or long-term freight storage.

That’s Exceptional Trucking.